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Article 1 /

Company B-land Golf:

The B-land Golf Company is a limited company with capital of € 25,000 registered with the

Trade and Companies under number 497 590 851 TOULOUSE (31)

For more information, questions, order tracking, our Customer Service is at your


• By Email: Connect on our website under "Contact".

• To track your order tracking number will be communicated during your

command, so you can follow it directly on the site of our provider.

• Write to us at the following address: B-Land Golf 2 31520 Ridge Avenue

Ramonville St Agne.

1. The terms and conditions:

Any order you place on this website will be subject to these Terms

General sales and the special conditions governing the purchase of certain services

associates. These are intended to lay down rules on sales and the rights and obligations

that result.

We inform you that, insofar as you order products online, your

agreement on the content of these general conditions of sale requires

no handwritten signature.

We are vigilant to regularly adapt the text of general conditions of sale.

As well, we invite you to read the version in force at the date

your order.

To this end, you have the ability to download, store and reproduce

general conditions.

The contract of sale of goods purchased on the site consists of general conditions of

sale in force at the time of order and order form.

2. The command line:

Unless proved otherwise, our computer records, kept in conditions

reasonable security, will demonstrate communications, orders and

payments made.

We will proceed with a filing of purchase orders and invoices on a support

reliable and durable, can be legally produced as evidence.

Upon request, you will have access to the controls of a higher amount

or equal to 650 Euros.

Article 2 / B-land Golf Offers

2.1. The conditions of tenders:

Our product offerings and prices are valid until they are visible on the site, in the


In the event of unavailability of products not stored after placing your

order, we will notify you by mail upon receipt of information by


Unless you wish to do an alternative to an equivalent material,

unavailable your order will be canceled and you will be refunded if

your bank account has been debited.

2.2. The marketing of products:

The products we offer are in compliance with legislation and applicable standards


For any purchase in seen export, you must verify the specificity of legislation

force in the country concerned, whether for taxes, declarations, prohibitions, etc ...

Our responsibility will not be engaged in case of non-compliance with legislation

countries where the product is delivered, it is your responsibility to check with local authorities

import possibilities or use of products or services.

Article 3 / order processing

3.1. Information when ordering:

You must verify the completeness and compliance information that you

provide when ordering, especially concerning the delivery address.

We could not be held responsible for any data entry errors and

consequences (eg delays or delivery errors). In

this context, the costs incurred for the return of the order would be your responsibility.

3.2. The anti-fraud controls:

To ensure the security of transactions and respond to the more concern

prevent fraud in distance selling, we conduct random checks

on placing orders.

As part of a random check, please mail to transmit

proof of address and / or identity (the aim being to ensure the reality of identity and

domiciliation [for example a receipt EDF, a phone bill, and identification])

for the perfection of the order.

A proof of fault or if the documents sent fail to ensure the identity

the author of the order and the reality of domiciliation, we would be obliged

to cancel the order to guarantee the security of online transactions.

Article 4 / payment of the price

4.1 methods of payment:

To adjust your order, you have all the proposed payment methods

during the validation. All payments made on B-landgolf are assessed and controlled

by our bank. B-landgolf offers 3 modes of payment: credit card

(PAYPAL), check (attach a photocopy of the identity card, purchase order, your

coordinates), Transfer (only for companies listed [indicate significant

Your order number when making the transfer]).

For payment by PAYPAL, the debit is made when you order provided

of obtaining prior permission to debit your account with centers

competent payment, otherwise your order could be taken into account.

Online payment by credit card is done via the security system SSL "Secure

Socket Layer "which allows encryption of your bank details during transmission

on the network.

For payment by check, simply send us, with your

order summary, your check payable to the order of B-landgolf at B-landgolf

Payments Centre, 2 Avenue of the peaks - 31520 Ramonville Saint Agne. Upon receipt

your check, we will ship your order.

If paying by check, the check must be issued by a bank domiciled in France


An order paid by check or be processed on receipt of payment, the latter being

cashed immediately. The periods of availability as shipping start from

the registration date of payment.

An order paid by credit card (Visa, Carte Bleue, MasterCard and American

Express) will be charged at time of shipment.

4.2 Payment online:

For the validation of the order form, you warrant to us have permissions

necessary to use the payment method you choose.

We certify that the credit card details are encrypted using the protocol

SSL (Secure Soket Layer) and never transmitted unencrypted over the network. Payment is

made directly to the bank.

Article 5: Delivery

5.1 Mode of transportation:

Products will be delivered to the address you provided on the order form

(Only in France, Corsica, Monaco, Belgium and Luxembourg).

Depending on the weight and / or volume of different products ordered, we propose

different transport companies; in this case we get back in touch directly with

to offer you different solution.

The B-land Golf Company reserves the right to charge the shipping cost they are detailed and

indicated before the validation of the order

5.2 Delivery:

Applicable delivery deadlines are those listed in the validation of your


Please note that all orders paid by check will be processed upon receipt of means

payment. The periods of availability as shipping must be recalculated from the date

Registration of this mode of regulation.

5.3 Late delivery:

In case of late delivery by post within eight days of the date

shipping indicated in the email "followed - shipping notice", we suggest

check with your post office if the package is not pending, then, if necessary,

please report the delay in contacting our customer service by sending an

email contact@b-landgolf.com .

We then contact the Post to an investigation.

The Post investigation may take up to 21 days after its opening date. If

during this period, the product is found, it will be re-routed in the shortest possible time to

home. If however the product is still not located after these 21 days

working, the Post Office will consider the parcel as lost.

At the close for loss of the investigation, we will send you a replacement product

(Reference at our expense). If the ordered products were to become unavailable,

you can get a refund of the products concerned by the statement of loss

confirmed the carrier.

In case of late delivery by other carriers within five to ten days

working of the shipping date mentioned in the email "followed - shipping notice"

please report the delay in contacting our customer service by email (cf.


We will open an investigation with the carrier concerned to obtain the location of


If the goods are found, it will be re-routed as quickly as possible to your

home. Otherwise and after obtaining the said loss statement by the

carrier, we will reship the product (s) (s) or in case of permanent unavailability, we

will reimburse the sums received under the terms of these terms

Terms of sale.

Article 6: Receipt of the order

6.1 The person receiving the package:

Warning, if you entrust the receipt of the product to a third party (your building concierge, hostess

Home on the workplace, ...) it receives the package on your behalf and for your account.

So you have to ask him to be vigilant about monitoring precautions and remind him

to bring the thing received the same care as if it were personally recipient.

6.2 The initial audit:

We invite you to check (or have it checked by the agent who receives) the apparent condition

product delivery. In the presence of an apparent anomaly (damage, missing product

compared to the delivery order, damaged package, broken products, etc ...) please

to report within 3 days by registered letter with acknowledgment of


To report any problems to the reception, it is essential that you keep the elements

in the state in which they were delivered to you (accessories, instructions, packaging (s) and

pack (s) included).

If the products need to be returned, you present a request for return by

Simple Mail denominated in "B-land Golf Company, Customer Service, 2 avenue ridges 31520

Ramonville Saint Agne. "

This request will be accompanied, where appropriate, a copy of the letter sent to

carrier or "damage report" or "irregularities" from the carrier.

The return will be in accordance with the terms of Section 7 below.

In any event, these precautions do not prevent the benefit of legal guarantees

and exercise the right of withdrawal.

6.3 You spot an anomaly or a spoliation:

As part of a supply by the Post if the package arrives open and / or

damaged (especially with the presence of yellow tape "La Poste") you can either

accept or reject it.

If you or your attorney decide to accept the goods, you have to be careful:

- Sign of "handwritten reserves" by signing the next factor and

- To complete a parallel "material irregularities" such as postulated regulation of the Post.

This form must be sent to us so that we can investigate and initiate

for compensation, if any.

If you or your representative prefer to refuse the goods, in addition to "handwritten reserves"

to be issued, you should ask the carrier that the package is returned to us, accompanied

a "spoliation" (report 170). Preventively, we advise you to keep

a copy of this form.

As part of a delivery made by other carriers, you

or not accept the delivery, for any open and / or damaged package, you will be issued

"handwritten reserves" that you will notify the delivery docket and you us

notify by mail, and the carrier within three (3) business days following the


Some carriers may have to perform a home inspection to

note the condition of the package delivered before its removal and if necessary re-routing to

our service, accompanied by a notification of incidence.

6.4 You see a delivery error:

Recipient of error or products not delivered as ordered to the case

you receive a delivery is not your destiny or that the product is

not to your order, please keep the package in good condition and to inform immediately

our customer service:

-In Logging on our website under the heading " contact@b-landgolf.com . "

Article 7: General Terms return

7.1 Effective management of returns:

We will make every effort to regularize the problem you encounter in


To ensure better treatment of the return, efficiency and speed of diagnosis

the intervention of the manufacturers, a return request must be made directly

indicating the reasons for returning to our contact area website.

A return number will be communicated with the possible dispatch of a prepaid label

to join (the precise error case non-compliance).

We inform you that certain documents related to the (x) package can you be claimed.

You will need to remain in possession of all items received (including packaging)

until complete resolution of your claims.

7.2 A complete return of the command:

Upon return, we recommend over-pack the original packaging of your

products, because we can not take that products returned in their entirety

(Accessories, warranty card, bag etc ...), with their original packaging, the entire

to be intact and in good condition.

You must accompany your return a copy of the invoice.

The refund or exchange assume that you have not damaged the product, or

that you did not return incomplete.

7.3 Return of Risk

We especially draw your attention to the fact that in the absence of pre-paid label you

must return the product:

• stating the product's value as a result of the purchase invoice and

• ensuring the perfect insurance coverage of risk of return in relation to

the purchase invoice.

7.4 Case of an error or nonconformity:

On receipt of a justified request, we will assign a return number to (x)

relevant product (s) that will be communicated soon.

In case of delivery error, non-compliance, a prepaid label you will.

more sent by mail, in order to effect the removal of the product (s) (s) at our expense (to

Unless we make a direct appeal to a carrier for a recovery

goods to your home, depending on the mode of transport to go the product).

In the presence of a prepaid label, returns are then quickly contact

our customer service with their original packaging, complete in good condition, with

apparent reference to the return number on the package and the right of return slipped inside.

In any event, you will see to choose a suitable packaging for return.

Article 8: Special terms of a return to


8.1La duration of the right of withdrawal:

We give you a withdrawal period of 11 days calendar products

Integration to return, at your expense, the products do not suit you. These delays

run from the day following receipt of the product. After that time, you

longer have this right of withdrawal.

8.2L'effet the right of withdrawal:

Upon exercise of the right of withdrawal, we all do our endeavor to refund

within 15 days of receipt of the return. However, given the nature

specific products sold, this period may be extended to 30 will then jours.Vous

repaid by re-credit system (secure transaction) or by check.

Article 9: Product Warranties

9.1. The guarantees of the manufacturers:

Products purchased on our site have the B-land Golf warranty of one year.

In case of failure during the initial warranty period, repairs will be provided

free B-land Golf

To qualify for the product warranty, you are asked to

keep the purchase invoice.

To make sure the steps to follow on after-sales service for any problem or failure

on our website under the heading contact@b-landgolf.com

9.2 Limit contractual guarantees:

We especially draw your attention to the fact that the evidence of a failure caused

by neglect, damage or misuse render ineffective

manufacturer's warranty.

In this case, the product will be returned to you as is, or repaired upon acceptance

prior payment of an estimate made by the manufacturer.

In any event, the warranty does not deprive the buyer and / or consumer

provisions for legal safeguards (including implied warranty or guarantee

legal compliance).

Article 10: Taxes and exports

10.1. Price calculation:

All orders will be charged all taxes (TTC). You are not entitled to

repayment of the French VAT corresponding to (x) product (s) ordered (s) if you

meet the requirements to qualify for a tax refund.

We reserve the right to reject any tax refund that does not correspond

the conditions specified in these terms and conditions of sale, as well as those

requested by Customs.

All requests related to tax refund and / or VAT will be formulated after

billing (s) product (s) relating thereto.

10.2. You are a non-EU national:


If you live outside the European Union and overseas, the bill is drawn to this address

residence and want to benefit from a tax refund, you can request

export sales receipt from us.

The price calculated and stated on the invoice will be inclusive of all taxes (TTC). The

goods can be zero-rated will be the ones you bought for your needs

personnel, and the amount of your purchases must be greater or equal to € 175.00 (including VAT) from

Shipping costs for participation and / or service offerings and / or promotions.


You must make your request in export sales receipt to our

Services by letter.

You must provide certain supporting documents before we délivrions form

VAT refund: Duplex legible copy of an identity document (passport, residence permit card

Consular, etc ...), sworn statement (handwritten and identical to the model that will be

communicated by the Customer) and proof of residence abroad.

After removal of the affected component by Customs within 3 months from the purchase, we will be

able to return by check, the amount of the VAT of the product (s) concerned.

The delay before shipping this rebate will vary between four (4) and six (6) weeks

receipt of Pink component covered by Customs.


In case of non compliance with the conditions and / or formalities, we may have to

refuse to issue the VAT refund slip.

Service offerings and / or promotions we may offer,

and investments in shipping will not receive any tax refund possible.

10.3. You are an intra-national:


- If you are an individual or entity not subject to VAT, you will pay the price

include all taxes (VAT), participation in shipping included if necessary.

- If you are an entity subject to VAT (including a non-French company

located in a State of the European Union), you must send us a reminder of your

Custom letterhead in your company should explicitly mention the number

EU VAT of the company.


Upon receipt of this proof and verification of the VAT number,

an invoice excluding taxes (VAT) will be sent and a refund check of

VAT amount corresponding to the charged products.


We reserve the right to reject any tax refund that does not correspond

the conditions specified in these terms and conditions of sale, as well as those

requested by Customs.

Article 11: Imprint & responsibilities

11.1. Legal Disclaimer

Are considered fortuitous event or force majeure exempting from all liability

facts or circumstances irresistible, unpredictable and beyond the control of the parties.

In such circumstances, a reconciliation is preferable to examine the impact

of the event and agree the conditions under which the contract will be


11.2. Right of use:

Our product use rights and those that we distribute, you are granted

non-exclusive, personal and not transferable in accordance with the Code of Property


However, under Article L.122-6-1 of the Code, you have, as a buyer,

a reproduction right for the establishment of a backup, and for this purpose

only when it is necessary to preserve the use of the software.

In any event, you agree to respect the property rights of the author

software keeps on his work.

11.3. IT law, files and freedoms:

In accordance with the French law "and Freedoms" n ° 78-17 of 6 January 1978,

have a right to access and correct data concerning you and you can

exercise this right by sending a letter to the following address: "Company B-land Golf, Service

Marketing - 2 Avenue of the peaks - 31520 - Ramonville Saint Agne. "

Depending on the choices you made during your statement on the website, you will likely

receive offers from our company. If you no longer want, you can always

we make the request via your client area or by writing us at the above address.

We inform you that the processing of information, including the management of

email addresses of users, has been declared to CNIL under the number:

in progress.

11.4. International sales:

Any dispute to which the command could lead, for example running,

interpretation, validity or cancellation will be governed at the bottom by French law (for

rules forms as the substantive rules), excluding the provisions of the Convention

Vienna of 11 April 1980 on the international sale of goods.

11.5. Scope of these conditions:

If one or more provisions of these terms and conditions are held to be

invalid or declared as such under any law, regulation or following a

final decision of a competent jurisdiction, the remaining provisions will remain in full

force and effect.